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Sashakt-ican Empowering Lives

Inside out approach in dealing with Children with special needs

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About Sashakt

Sashakt is an organization that deals with children having special educational needs such as Autism, Dyslexia, Cerebral Palsy, down’s syndrome, mental retardation and various other learning difficulties. We are a multidisciplinary clinic and provide Special Education, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Counseling services (both for students and parents).

Sashakt follows an inside out approach in dealing with Children with special needs. In simple terms it means, anything that the child resonates best with is taken up with the child.

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Worksheets and Customized Toys

Worksheets and Customized Toys

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Visual Time-Tables

Sashakt Team

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New testimonial1

Rajni has a natural flair for understanding the needs of differently abled and as she specialises in Autism she is a blessing to the world of special needs.Keep up your good work Rajni and reach out to all who need help………!!!

– Neera Mathur (Former Principal of Maharaja Sawai Man Singh Vidyalaya, Jaipur)

New testimonials

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your assistance and effort. You have imprinted a marvellous impression on me from since we first met to conclude on your book”Being Me”. Good job done. A must read book I can say!

– Shweta

“Sashakt” ability to produce consistently great work and leading this a dedication to the child and to adding value to people’s lives. Textbooks can prescribe writing basics, but theirs no replacement for a teacher. Been a year lots of hard work, that spells success to me. SASHAKT delivers in a way that sets you to succeed as long as you put in the work. She is inspiring, she knows how to teach and she cares about the success of her students. SASHAKT’s class that i realised how much I didn’t know. How much i’d taken for granted. How mindless I’d become. She puts her whole heart and soul into teaching ,into helping her students better, be better. If you are serious about your child, treat yourself to seat in her class. Seize the opportunity. You won’t regret taking the class, but you might regret not making a better person when you had the chance.

– Shalini Ahuja

Working with Rajni to design a custom made curriculum has been a new learning and an insightful experience. With her very thoughtful and objective point of view, it has been a very satisfying and achievable goal to make the students better in all aspects of learning. Every discussion has given us absolute clarity on the pace of learning, how and why of learning besides making the whole process a very structured one. The association with her has given us the true understanding of learner centered approach and setting of well defined higher outcomes. This has helped our children prepare for tomorrow socially as well as academically.

– Babita

I joined Shashakt about two months back and I can already see the difference in the way I am working with my son. The guidance that is provided, whether it is related to academics or life skills, is something I’ve always wanted while working alongside various other educators in the past. Here, teaching is treated as a step by step process and when you follow that process, your child picks up things in a meaningful manner. As we all know, learning without understanding is a recipe for disaster. So why not avoid it? I wish I had known about Shashakt earlier. It has empowered me to teach my son in a way that would benefit him in the long run. If you too are looking for someone who will help you help your child, Shashakt is the place for you. Thank you Rajni mam for your continued guidance. I really appreciate it.

I am mother of a 5 years 3 months old boy…my son’s journey has started at very early age with all trial and errors finally reached at Rajni Singh’s place.. It’s only 6/7 months she is taking classes of my son but his growth and improvement in such a little time period says he is in safe hand….. there is remarkable changes in his behaviour, his speech, his reading skill and understanding of things around him…. she makes goals and guide parents in right way to achieve them in certain time period… best thing is she explains logic behind every behavior of a kid and trust me that help me a lot as a mother understanding the needs of my son…. many more things to achieve…. guide me dear Rajni

I read your book, “Being Me, An Extraordinary Journey” and I was mesmerised with the contents. Could not put it down till I finished reading it till late night. I feel, the story connects with most of us, the working professional families; their aspirations, struggle for identity, practicality versus ethics and dilemma of choices to make in their life journey. I felt mentally and spiritually stronger after reading the book. An excellent effort and may many more ideas flow from your pen.

– Gurcharan Singh

In my association with Sashakt and Rajni Singh for a little over nine months, I have seen many positive changes in my child, both in terms of academics and social skills. While I was struggling to develop reading skills in my child and certain experts went to the extent of saying that my child could never develop reading skills, structured and well thought out strategies helped my child to develop fluency in reading in less than four months. Today my child has achieved many skills and life seems full of hope. Thank you Sashakt for empowering me and helping me understand my child better.

– D.A.

Big Testimonial

Shashakt – In 2014, this name was not yet chosen for this baby who is growing at a faster speed now.AD, my nine year old daughter, otherwise a scholar badge student in the school, somehow had typical problem with English spellings. As a parent, i tried, but could not help her much.In the very first meeting with Rajni Ma’am, looking at her analytical approach and the teaching techniques used by her, I was convinced and confident that I have got a right person to help my kid…….


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