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Sashakt-ican Empowering Lives

Inside out approach in dealing with Children with special needs

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“Sashakt is an organization that deals with children having special educational needs such as Autism, Dyslexia, Cerebral Palsy, down’s syndrome, mental retardation and various other learning difficulties. We are a multidisciplinary clinic and provide Special Education, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Counseling services (both for students and parents).”

Sashakt follows an inside out approach in dealing with Children with special needs. In simple terms it means, anything that the child resonates best with is taken up with the child. A flexible teaching approach is adapted as in some children learn best with the ABA method and the DIR model, whereas yet others respond better to the floor-time model. Also, if some methodology is not working, it is assessed mid month and changes are incorporated so as to bring about highest success rate for the child.

  • Method adopted is essentially one on one teaching to begin with and once the child is more settled, he/she is moved to a small set up of 3-4 children, which works as a bridge between a one to one setting and the mainstream classroom, thus preparing the child for the regular mainstream school by teaching him/her the essential skills of being in a group such as waiting for one’s turn, not disturbing others, seeking permission before touching other’s belongings, saying magic words “Thank you”, “sorry”, “please” etc.
  • Parental involvement is a key feature with Sashakt. Every month parent therapist meetings are scheduled. Also, while the session is in progress, a parent is expected to sit and observe so as to be able to replicate the teaching at home as we at Sashakt firmly believe that one hour or forty five minutes of therapy will not impact a child’s life, so much as would continued long term effort put in by the parent at home, alongside the classroom. Homework is also given importance in the scheme of things at Sashakt as structured homework helps a child to develop in seat behavior and improves focus.

Particular emphasis is laid on assessing a child’s specific learning style and all teaching is designed keeping in center the child’s learning style

How To Detect Signs Of Autism Early On

Early signs of Autism begin to manifest themselves in a child typically by the age of two years. Before two years it is very difficult to assess whether the child is on the spectrum or if there are any pervasive developmental delays. The chief signs to look out for by age two are as follows:

No spoken words or babbling
Seems to be completely lost in his/her own sweet world
Does not respond to when called out
Plays atypically with toys such as simply lining them up
Shows no interest in other children
Throws tantrums which at times can be quite uncontrollable
Rigid about following a routine, has temper tantrums if his/her routine is disturbed
Reacts violently to certain sounds, touch or other stimulus
Minimal or no eye contact

In the event of any or all of these, a parent must get the child assessed for Autism. Remember, Autism is a life long condition and there is no known “cure” for it, but if managed well, any child with Autism can lead an independent and productive life. In case parents don’t take necessary corrective measures in terms of providing intervention for symptoms of Autism, a child will worsen and his ability to cope with life will further diminish. It is therefore imperative to catch them young and provide effective intervention services so as to make them life ready.There are innumerable examples in the west of people who are leading an independent life, with Autism alongside being successful and famous doctors, journalists etc.

The best part about High functioning Autism is that the journey to the top might be difficult but it is doable, provided proper care is given.At Sashakt , a major thrust in this regard is put on parent empowerment as an empowered parent can actually influence in a big way the course of the future of a child with Autism.