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The importance of keeping your promise while dealing with a child on the Autism Spectrum

Hello Everyone, After a long gap I blog today inspired by a mother child interaction I witnessed in the market yesterday . The child was fussing as he wanted a new toy and the mother simply said to him, I will get it for you next time we come here and hurriedly moved on clasping his little fingers. The child almost being dragged, moved on crying for the toy [..]

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A Well Thought Out IEP Vs. a Good IEP in educating a child with Special Needs

The key feature in achieving success in academics for a child having special Needs is the ability to create a “Well thought Out IEP” and not just a Good IEP. When I say a Well Thought Out IEP, I mean an education plan that is actually going to suit the individual need of the kid keeping in view his specific requirements, which may be very different from yet another kid who is probably just as high functioning [..]

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What about my special child after I am gone???

When a parent, for the first time comes face to face with the extremely harsh reality that he/she has been blessed with a child that has certain atypical neurological conditions, the world comes down crashing in front of the parent’s eyes. Needless to say, the thought that begins to haunt one’s sensibilities day and night, once the initial shock subsides is that once I am gone, what is going to happen to my child, how will my little bundle of joy survive this extremely difficult world. [..]

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